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Fast Traffic Ideas for Online Marketers

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

Most internet marketers realize that the most important factor when it comes to making sales is the amount of traffic their website gets. Thankfully, you do not have to sit back and wait for that traffic to happen. If you can commit yourself to working on it for about two hours every day, you can use several proven methods to start getting more targeted visitors to your site.

You naturally want to get as many visitors to your website as you can. Getting more traffic is the first thing you need if you want to get more buyers for what you are selling. Isn’t that what attracted you to internet marketing in the first place, the opportunity to make lots of sales? You can apply these techniques and start to get more traffic to your site very soon.

Updating your website is important for a lot of reasons, and one good way to do that is with a blog. If your site has not been kept up to date, you’re pretty much only looking at one-shot visitors. So if you continually add good content to your site, people tend to return if it’s all good. And your chances of selling to returning visitors is so much greater than one-time visitors. While getting even more traffic, you’ll be building your online rep and establishing yourself as an expert. All good, all win.

Another strategy is to be a guest writer on blogs or sites. You can get your content and your name onto other people’s sites/blogs and tap into their readership. You will get traffic if people read your content, like it, and it’s well done. One important thing is to get your writing published on well-respected sites/blogs ideally that have authority. Your efforts here will be helped a lot if you can create a good and positive relationship with the owners of these sites.

Don’t just pick a domain name randomly, but give it some thought. Believe it or not, having a good domain name really does matter. Pick a name that is simple and not hard to spell. Publicity and networking are important for your business, whether it’s on or offline. Many factors can make your domain name difficult to remember, such as a strange sounding name or spelling, a hyphen or simply being too long. People who like your site may forward it to their friends, but only if it’s simple to do. When a domain name is very long or difficult, people will tend to leave part of it off or make a mistake when they retype or copy it. You really want a name that’s both easy to remember and interesting!

It’s possible you may be thinking that you don’t have to do much work to make money. Of course you’ll have to do some work with this because it’s really just like any other business. If you do that, with the right efforts you can see hundreds if not thousands of visitors to your sites. Learn more and take action – you won’t be disappointed.

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