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A Marketer’s Review of Brad Callen’s SEOLinkVine

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

Please note that this article is about making money with affiliate marketing. This topic is fully covered in 2 products I would highly recommend: fast track cash and high cash hijack. Now let’s get into it…

All online marketers want to increase productivity while saving time in the process. If you’re new to online marketing, you’re probably quickly realizing the amount of tedious, boring, and detailed work that’s involved. You don’t have to look very far to see the numbers of software programs that want to help your business take care of SEO and backlink building. SEOLinkVine is the latest offering on the market. Wonder if it’s worth the time and investment? Well, we were also curious so we checked it out and made our evaluation of it.

Brad’s SEOLinkVine software is programmed similarly to SEO programs: Article Marketing Automation and My Article Network. The basic idea is simple. You create your content, and the program publishes it for you. Fine… but why would you want to select this software over others who do similar tasks? Ok, this is why you may choose it – this software will distribute it to blogs that have signed-up to get it, and that’s a lot different from just submitting your content to a load of directories.

SEOLinkVine will also let you create links back to your own site pages. SEOLinkVine allows you to put up to three backlinks to your own site in the articles/posts you submit. As you know, most directories have strict rules about article links, and a lot will not allow more than one. Because the sites SEOLinkVine uses are not a part of any directory or depository system, you are allowed more links, which is something that every internet marketer wants.

The method this software uses is to spin your article, then submit to one site; then it spins another unique article and submits that one to a different site, altogether. You can submit to many places but only if you correctly use the tags for your articles. This is powerful because you’ll build backlinks from all unique, all original content. Your articles and content will stand a much higher probability of actually being read by interested readers, and they’ll be more likely to click your links.

Keep a good perspective and remember that no software, including this one, is meant to do all of your work for you. It eases the overall process, though. So, in essence, your success still depends on YOU. That’s one great aspect of this software, it is meant to help, not replace.

Offline Marketing Can Take Your Business To New Levels

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Please note that this article is about making money with affiliate marketing. This topic is fully covered in 2 products I would highly recommend: fast track cash and cb wealth maker. Now let’s get into it…

The internet is a powerful marketing medium but it is only one of many. By going to other venues to market you will reach people that you never would have by only marketing online. There is so much changing in online marketing right now that it would be sensible to mix offline methods into your business; not only will it become more stable but there are more opportunities available to market.

Not only will offline marketing expose your business to more customers but it will also be a chance for you to introduce physical products to your site since that is what most offline people are used to buying. Making sales is not an option when it comes to running a business so don’t exclude any marketing opportunities. So this means branching out to the offline market. Offline marketing is very simple and you see it all around you; lets look at a few examples.

Consider the classifieds section that is in the back of most newspapers. Internet marketers often place ads on well known sites such as Craigslist or another free online classifieds site. Why not place a classified ad in a traditional newspaper as well? The fact is, if you write a good ad, you can get a lot more (offline) “traffic” to your ad than a comparable online ad would receive. Some people object that newspaper ads are not free like many online sites; however, if they bring you more customers, what is there to complain about? A classified ad will enable people who don’t have computers to see your ad, while they can later log on to the internet in a public place if they decide they want to order something from your site!

Television advertising is another way to get the attention of potential new buyers. We all have watched a commercial that enticed us to visit a website, call an 800 number, or go to restaurant and order what you seen on TV. This is one of the most expensive mediums to advertise with so you will need a plan before jumping in. This is definitely advertising that you will want to save up for – unless of course the station is willing to take your services in trade for the cost of the ads that you want to run. Prime-time ads are the most expensive because the most viewers are watching at that time but you can opt to run it at another time. Don’t let fear of running a TV commercial keep you from advertising because this can be the thing that works for your you in a big way.

Radio advertising can also be an effective way to market offline. This form of advertising is not cheap, so it’s something of an investment (unless you can find a creative way to fund it, such as barter); however, it can be worth it, as many people listen to the radio. Think about how many people listen to the radio at work or while they are driving from place to place. If thousands of people are listening, what if even ten percent of them went to your site? That is still thousands of potential clients wanting to check out your services!

There is no shortage of ways to advertise your services offline! Make sure you reserve at least some of your marketing dollars for offline marketing methods. If you only promote yourself on the internet, you are not going to be seen at all by a surprising number of people! You want to make as many sales as possible, so why exclude such a large population? Instead, you should explore all the promotional avenues that are available to you.

Simple Steps To Boost Profits with Affiliate Marketing

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Please note that this article is about making money with affiliate marketing. This topic is fully covered in 2 products I would highly recommend: hard cash hijack and viral submitter pro. Now let’s get into it…

Affiliate marketing is the most popular approach to making money on the web, today. It does look like an easy way to make money, and that’s why so many new marketers choose it. When people actually start trying to do it, that’s when it occurs to them that there’s so much more involved than they previously realized. That’s the main reason you’ll often hear that affiliate marketing does not work. But the real truth about it is that it does work, very well, if you’re willing to do what’s required to be successful. So just keep reading to find out what you can do to make it work for you.

First things first – do not be a stubborn marketer. Got that? If – no matter what you’ve tried – that one product isn’t happening for you, don’t sweat it – just leave it and move on to another. Some kind folks aren’t meant for some particular programs. It’s possible the policies were too totalitarian, or something. Perhaps you’re hating on the commissions. Perhaps the products just don’t work for you. Or maybe you’re feeling like the company is run by a bunch of retards. Look, it does not matter why, really, in the end if it’s not working out the way you thought it would… pack it in and call it a day. If you’re in a positive business relationship, with anyone, and it’s all cool and good – then you’ll be more successful working in it.

Be darn sure you learn all you can about the market you’ll be dealing with and selling to. Always go beyond merely the products and learn more. This will always make you a better affiliate marketer in that niche, and others. When you more thoroughly understand why your market buys, you’ll be in a better position to give it to them and make sales. More importantly, you can offer them lots of free information that will endear you to the buyers, and they will be more likely to purchase the products you are promoting.

Don’t be a wannabe by giving up too soon. It’s important to do everything you know before deciding to stop promoting a particular product or company. You probably know, or should, that your bank won’t be immediately calling you to tell you they don’t have enough room for all your commissions. You could see programs that offer to pay you “for life,” but they’ll take longer to build-up. Give your programs time to make money, like two months or so, before you start promoting another. Have patience because things won’t happen ultra fast, so remember that and don’t quit because you think it’s going too slowly.

In time you’ll understand that there are many ways to become profitable in affiliate marketing. After all, it is the most popular method to make money online. (There’s a reason for that!) And a lot of people are more than happy to make a full-time income with it. This can free up your time so you can look for new and exciting products or services to promote. Hard work and patience is the order of the day, and you’ll make your own full-time living as an affiliate.

Blogging Is the Way of the Future – Don’t Let It Pass By Your Internet Business

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Blogging is more complicated than you think. You need to understand how blogging works in order to see success with it. Adding a blog to your marketing system will boost=t your income and open the door to an entire group of new options for your business. Blogging is low maintenance but does requires you to update it every once in a while; with the right knowledge you can cash-in with minimum effort. Read on to find out you can learn to blog like a professional.

Adding an RSS Feed is critical to your blog. RSS is short for saying “Really Simple Syndication.” Many blogs are already equipped with RSS Feeds. You have the option of using any feed you want so you can use the one supplied by your own blog or go out and find another one that suits more of your needs. Sometimes a third party system is better because it might have further reach across the net than your blog’s RSS; in this case you can use Feedburner who was recently bought by Google.

Once a reader subscribes to your RSS Feed they can read your posts whenever you add new content without the need of visiting your site. What happens is that when someone subscribes to your feed they automatically receives your posts in their feed reader whenever you add something.

Another option is to create a subscription form that your readers can subscribe to that sends your blog post right to their in-box. Don’t confuse this with sending out a newsletter. This differs from a newsletter because they will receive new content you add to your site instead of a newsletter. This simple list of post subscribers can become a large base of buyers because they have to like your topic and content to voluntarily sign-up to receive your posts in their email.

Opt-In forms are great for collecting emails in order to keep in touch with your readers. This is a different technique than sending posts you add to your blog to them: this one allows you to contact them directly and provide useful information or ideas, to survey them, give advice , and a lot more.

By staying consistent with adding new content to your blog you will be surprised at how many people will sign up for your list because they want to hear more of what you have to say. Also, email marketing is very popular because it is the most stable business model on the internet.

You can do a lot of different things with a blog. Every blog is as different as the person who starts it. There are really no laws when it comes to a blog. That’s what makes blogging one of the more fun ways to market online. It can be a great way to express your creativity! You can get started on creating your blog as soon as you finish reading this sentence!
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The Miracle Traffic Bot: A Review for Traffic Generation

Monday, April 19th, 2010

Please note that this article is about making money with Miracle Traffic Bot. This topic is fully covered in 2 products I would highly recommend: fast track cash and cb wealth maker. Now let’s get into it…

You’ll want to set-up a web site if you want to do IM and make money. And of course you need to have something more than that. A big part of the extra component is targeted traffic! No traffic equals no sales equals no money. Stupid simple mathematics.

If you don’t know now, you’ll soon know that driving targeted traffic can eat-up a lot of time. Just submitting your marketing materials alone will be a time-eating monster. And that’s why The Miracle Traffic Bot was designed and developed. This article is our review of the Miracle Traffic Bot.

One proven method of making sales is creating a video explaining the many benefits of your product. After you make your video, just submit it to various video share sites, such as Youtube. Also, you can embed your video into your blog, or others if they’ll let you, or include it into emails if you have a list.

However, you’ll find out that it takes a lot of time to upload it around the web. If you so desire, Miracle Traffic Bot can upload to all those sites thus giving you more available time to develop more videos, and then you’ll get even more traffic.

You’ll find that Miracle Traffic Bot to be a time-saver. Sorry, it doesn’t have the power to write articles, but it will greatly reduce your time spent submitting to directories. So this alone will save you hours every day. So you’ll be able to create more marketing materials, or write articles.

Have you tapped into the social media market yet? Online marketers are discovering the power and audiences of social marketing sites that you probably know about: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. And manually marketing your links on these sites is time-consuming. This software tool can take of those tasks. If you do, you’ll possibly have hundreds of links pointing to your site from high ranking websites. Your site will benefit in the rankings if you have links of that much high quality pointing to your sites.

Software doesn’t exist that mimics your efforts 100%. But there certainly are tools to make life easier for you. It could be that Miracle Traffic Bot is a tool like that. Nothing wrong with working smarter. Anything that can help reduce time doing simple tasks is worth it.

Review of the Auto Content Cash Program

Monday, April 19th, 2010

Please note that this article is about making money with Auto Content Cash. This topic is fully covered in 2 products I would highly recommend: viral submitter pro and hard cash hijack. Now let’s get into it…

You’ve always dreamed of doing nothing while earning money, haven’t you? Most people who look to internet marketing are looking for a solution to earn money without having to do too much work. Many programs promise newbies that they can quickly make millions of dollars that will roll into their bank account while they sleep or are off enjoying a long break. Many of these promises are untrue and the systems complete scams. The truth is that there is no magic pill to help you earn money without having to do anything. However, it is possible to earn an income while doing only a little work and you will learn how to do this with the Auto Content Cash system.

Outsourcing content is so popular because it frees up hours of your time that can be spent on creating other income streams. Creating content from scratch by yourself is counterproductive. Auto Content Cash shows you exactly how to maneuver around this obstacle. Instead of posting your own content to your sites you will leverage the use of content created by others. Because someone else has already done all of the heavy lifting for you – you will now have a few extra hours on your hands. Auto Content Cash goes into detail about how to legally use this content which is freely available.

Website based advertising is the theme of Auto Content Cash. The sites are quick to set up and that is the goal. Believe it or not but if you can get each site that you build to generate an income of one dollar a day then you are well on your way to financial freedom. One site has the potential of earning minimum of thirty dollars a month. That one site now earned you four-hundred dollars after a year. Taking an hour a day to create these site will really add up to an unbelievable amount if you stay persistent.

If enjoy making fast money and big profits then you would really benefit from learning how to sell your sites. Site flipping is so popular for a reason: lots of money can be made when done right. A very small website that you created with free content that you didn’t create can earn can you a few hundred dollars. The sites that you create that bring in more than a dollar a day can be so for higher amounts. Remember, it only takes one hour to create one of these sites. How much will you earn if you flip all of your sites? This system enables anyone who follows the step-by-step process to create wealth for themselves in a simple and straightforward way.

Auto Content Cash is not some flimsy get-rich-quick gimmick that promises instant riches at the push of a button. However, it does instruct you on how to get content instead of wasting hundreds of hours creating it yourself. Okay, you now have a site with content; now you must get the site to earn a just a small amount of money. There is some work involved but as you can see, it isn’t nearly as much work involved as methods that require content creation. Come see for yourself what Auto Content Cash is all about.

Hello world!

Monday, April 19th, 2010

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!